My name is Mike and I’m a retired software engineer with a love of fly fishing.

In 2019, I moved with my wife and sons families to Boulder County, Colorado.
Shortly thereafter I took up fly fishing and have been “hooked” ever since!

Retiring in 2021, I started exploring ways to “give back” and found a volunteer
opportunity with Reel Recovery - a great organization that sponsors fly fishing retreats for men with cancer.

Those experiences and my own have taught me about the therapeutic benefits of fly fishing.

With this in mind, I started exploring ways to apply my computer skills and idle time to
my love of fly fishing for the benefit of those who love the sport and seek to share it with others.

As I continued to fish local streams and rivers, I wanted one platform where I could easily
monitor my favorite streams on a daily basis, enter my trip reports and share them with others.

So I began creating Watersheds as an open platform for those with a love of the sport,
making trip planning and reporting easier and sharing those experiences for the benefit of others.

Watersheds will continue to be an open and free platform as long as this one man venture can support it.

Of course, I will always be open to financial support, programming help or sponsorships
to continue to operate and develop the platform.

Your experience will be free of cost, ads and fear of marketing any personal information.

Consider it your community of peers gathered together for the sake of the sport.

Be Well, Fish On!

Mike Gioielli